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 How To make a simple notepad

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PostSubject: How To make a simple notepad   Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:50 am

How to make a fully functional notepad

For this tutorial i will be using Delphi 6 however if your using 7 it should be about the same places and names.

What you'll need on your form
-main menu
-save dialog
-open dialog

Standard -> Memo

Delete the text within the Memo

Type'File' Here

Next click the little box that pop's up under 'File' and type in this, 'New'
now type in this under 'New' , 'Open' then finally under 'Open'
type in 'Save' all without the '

now it should look like this:

Okay! now to add the Open and Save Dialog!

Now we have the interface we need to give the buttons functions!

Double click the 'New' button:
Quote :


Now click 'Open' and type in this:
Quote :


Ok now in 'Save' type in this:
Quote :


You can now run your program using F9.
Dont forget to save as a project.

Hope you found it helpful Smile and dont forget to check back for more tutorials

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How To make a simple notepad
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