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 COD MW2 multi Hack. (Aim bot and wall hack)

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PostSubject: COD MW2 multi Hack. (Aim bot and wall hack)   Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:23 am

Okay, to use the hack you need to open up COD MW2, and (if its not already) turn it into a window screen. To do this press "Alt and Enter" Then it should be a moveable window (like internet explorer) then run the hack, and at the bottom of the screen there should be a bar with things like Aimbot F1 Kinfe bot F2 (they are just examples not the real ones) If they are there then the hack is working properly. Smile

The link to the download is...

mediafire.com ?sharekey=a263e946ecf69ccda0f2f20c509059d9a01585dac42cd025daada8390b259c5f

Its a big file, I know. But all you need to be interested is the thing called "Launcher"

I use this hack (sometimes) and it has not been detected, will keep you updated for new ones.
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COD MW2 multi Hack. (Aim bot and wall hack)
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